<h2>Estimation and Purchase of Coins and Paper Money</h2><p>Get Directly Cash!</p> <h2>Gold Buyers Piraeus and Samos</h2><p>We buy your old jewelery at the best prices</p> <h2>Customer estimation and weighing</h2><p>Absolute confidentiality</p>
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Gold Purchase
Gold Estimation

In our store, in a friendly and comfortable place, we buy your golden jewelry at the best prices and provide complete security and confidentiality.
With years of experience in the gold market, we aim for reliable services to better serve our customers who trust us.

Our services:

buy gold estimate
market valuation of silver jewelery
purchase branded watches
purchase of precious stones
market valuation of currencies and banknotes
gold, bronze, silver coins

We weigh your jewels on an electronic security scale and we check the carats through a special instrument.

We buy:

Gold jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, chains
Gold pounds, coins
Platinum jewelry

Get cash instantly!